Sunday, July 18, 2010

Our precious Sunday!

First, Baby A went for a haircut. A melodramatic one.
It was Daddy A's and MIL's idea... but I always objected, until Aunty Meena said I should shave his hair so that it would grow out thicker. Those were the words that changed everything.

My mohawk baby!

Back view of my mohawk bebe

Then we went to support Daddy in his soccer game at ECP.

Now you see it, now you dont.. the HAIR I mean

There was a bunch of older boys playing soccer as well

and Baby A wants to join them!

A mother watching her child from the sidelines came up to us and said that he's the youngest soccer player she's ever seen. :P

It was raining but it did nothing to dampen our moods.

Halfway through Daddy's 2-hour game, we went to Polliwogs which was just beside the street-soccer court.

Baby A definitely changed the whole universe for us, in more good ways than bad.

Tomorrow can wait, because we're having the best times of our lives :)


  1. MieVee, yah lor... I kinda regret my decision now. But at least he can now support the Kids Cancer Foundation till his hair grows back! :)


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