Sunday, July 4, 2010

Saturday at Vivo City

Kai bounced back to being his cheeky self, all thanks to Chris' recipe of boiled apple & almonds, plus my Mum's Manuka honey ^_^
So Gymboree was on our to-do list on Saturday again. Whee!

"I'm all right now and ready to go!"

First we stopped at Marche to fill our hungry tummies.
Kids had free color pencils and drawing sheets to keep themselves occupied. I love love their sweet crepes. I always eat them whenever I'm at Marche's. Yum!~

Another must-have fav: potato rosti

After lunch at Gymboree: the class was slightly smaller that day and most of the kids were new, 'cept for Vera a pretty likttle princess who was there last week as well.

Kai loves the A-frame.

During the class sit-down and sing-along-songs session, Kai hit his classmate in her head with a toy he was holding. It was entirely accidental and unintentional of course, and I apologised profusely to the girl's parents. Both Andy & I felt horrid about it. Luckily, the parents were quite candid and forgiving about it and didnt get angry or anything.

Kai is by now, quite literally a walking disaster.
He bumps / knocks into things and terrorise the dogs by pulling them out of their resting place under the sofa. He gets himself cuts and bruises all over his face.

At night, Andy & I watched "Back Up Plan" on DVD and we both had a good laugh over some of the funny scenes, like those of J.Lo getting her ultrasound done, and her friend giving birth in the water tub.
Andy then told me while he was looking at Kai sleeping soundly on our bed, "all babies are angels"...
I guess that's what parenthood is all about - it's "awful awful awful awful... then something magical happens"

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