Sunday, July 11, 2010


We had lunch at Marche's today after Kai's Gymboree class.
He's having fun doodling in his own good time, leaving Daddy & Mummy free to eat our lunch. However, once the Strawberry sweet crepe came to the table, he kept pointing to em strawberries and stuffed himself silly.
In the end, Mummy ate the crepe while Baby A ate the strawberries.

Now, he's gotten really expert at pointing to things he wants and if you deliberately give him something else, he will point to it again and again until you get the right item.

Realised that on Sunday AMs, the class is made up of mostly boys. think we'll be switching to the Sunday AM class in future.

And I did a simple search on Google, found out that Gymboree has a branch in Tsim Sar Tsui, Kowloon HK. That means Kai can still go for playgym come our holiday :)

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