Saturday, July 10, 2010

What Little boys love

Was a fruitful day in town today, because by the end of the day, our car boot and passenger seats were loaded with our shopping!

Kai at The Better Toy Store:

Then we went furniture browsing again.. What do little boys love? Is it a cool Ferrari bed?

Or is it F1 Racing bed?

At the Robinsons sale... we found these cool little gadgets!

Do the boys love their personal Popcorn maker when being couch potatoes at home?

Or do they love our awesome new gourmet coffee maker which took a month to arrive?

This machine is so easy to use, and so fuss-free. Just pop a capsule into the maker and out comes your piping hot coffee. Comes in many different flavours ranging from Intenso to Light.
I was happily making cups of coffee for my in-laws and Hubby.

I am not usually a coffee-drinker, but after getting this brilliant new toy, I'm a coffee convert!
If anyone wants to try the coffee I make, do feel free to swing by our home yah?

So the boys got their toys, what does Mummy love?
Well, she got her new Chanel loots.... shoes and a long wallet to match her flap and diamond CC earings *swoon*
Photos coming up soon ;)

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