Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday family times

After Gymboree, FIL threw a treat at Grand Copthorne because of our 4D 2nd prize winnings.

Daddy A & Baby A

My cheeky monster grinning because of the food spread on the table.

We were simply too busy gorging ourselves with the crab legs and buffet spread to take anymore photos... But it's Ok. I'm so full that I look like I'm 2 mths preggy!

After dinner, Andy & I went for a spin along ECP. The wind is therapeutic to our tired souls.

Back at home this morning before going out....

Kai has a new muse!
Something from Munchkin which Chris recommended that's good for snacking tods

"look Ma, no spill!"


It's a brilliant and inexpensive little contraption, but just dont be ambitious and put too tiny pieces of snacks in it ^^

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