Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ashton's Full Month shower

The past week was hell. With the passing of my Sheltie Alice and Ashton being hospitalised, it was really quite overwhelming for me. I thought I had to cancel on my friends and Ashton would have to miss his own party. Horror of horrors!
Luckily on Sunday, the party went on in full swing as planned.

My neighbours Peifen and Ivan with their daughter Lyndsey.
Peifen is due in December, a baby boy!

My Buddha baby with his pot belly, oblivious to
the hoo-ha surrounding him.

Andy's cousin's baby, Sebastian, who is 1.5 mths older than Ashton.

My dearest Meena arrived with Vetrin. Such a big boy now.

My very unglam Aunt LY in green. My favourite person in the world!

The bouncy castle was a hit with the kids! See my cheeky monkey Adam.

With my Meena. Aunties forever!

My babes. 16 years of friendship!
Siew Wei is preggy with her No.3 - another BOY. OMG we need girls pleaseeeeee.

My ex-colleague, Joey. Her baby Naythan is 2 months older than Ashton.

Adam was a real gem at the event. He helped me distribute the gift favours to our guests and he didn't for once whine or throw a tantrum. He just entertained himself on the Bouncy and went about his own activities and I didn't have to worry about him at all.
Adam, you make Mama proud. You are Mummy's shining star.

I love my kids and Hubby dearly!

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