Monday, October 15, 2012

The ultimate birth control

My 3yr old is the ultimate birth control. Here's how.

It was a typical Sunday dinner with my in-laws. When the dishes started arriving at the table,
Adam: Mummy I want milk.
Me: The food is here baby. We're having dinner.
Adam: (whines) But I want milk.... I want nan nan!!
Me: I didn't bring your nan nan out. You can drink when we get home after we finish dinner Ok?? (I start dishing up food for him into his bowl)
Adam: (face crumbles and starts wailing) I WANT NAN NAN! WAHHHHHH!!!!! I WANT TO DRINK NAN NAN! WAHHHHHH!!!!

At this critical point, the baby starts wailing in the pram as well, demanding a milk feed.
We were The Family with 2 Wailing Kids.

On a separate time, as we were preparing to go to my Mum's one day, I told Adam he could pick out a toy to bring there.
He stood in his Play room for a grand total of 15 minutes and could not decide which would be the lucky toy. Everyone was waiting for him at the door - the helper carrying bags, Andy carrying Ashton. I was getting impatient.
Me: Adam hurry up, just pick a toy.
Adam: I dont know which one.
Me: Ok let me help you. How about your aeroplane?
Adam: Nooooo...... Put it backkkkk......
Me: Ok then you can bring the helicopter (takes helicopter).
Adam: Noooooo I don't want helicopter.......
Me: so what do you want?? Your Tonka trucks?
Adam: Don't wannnnnnn...... (starts stamping feet).
Me: Ok then we don't have to bring any toy there if you dont want to. Come let's go.
Adam: Uhhhhhhh I WANT to bringggggg.....
Me: (raises my voice) Then just pick a toy! Hurry up Adam. We need to go. Or you can jolly well stay home with Aunty Dwi and we are leaving without you.

By the time I finished my sentence, Adam collapsed to the floor bawling, although I should be the one collapsing to the ground in exasperation instead.

Seriously, my child is the ultimate birth control.
Just looking at him is enough to make any man shrivel up.
There could be a correlation why our direct neighbors are childless, or why my good brother, who offers to babysit him when we are at my Mum's, disappears quietly to his own room after 10 minutes.
For all you know, he could even be one of the contributing factors to our nation's declining birth rate.

If you are considering whether or not to have children, I highly recommend you to spend some time with mine.


  1. Mine too mine too!!! Often wonder wat's happening to my once sweet child? Is e sibling rilvary that causing all tis or juz me losing it all?? Haiz.. But a little me still hope to have a 3rd child.. My husband totally against it looking at e situation now.. Haha.. But I wan a daughter!!! But I know I can't deal with e blow if it's a boy AGAIN!!!!

    1. 2 boys are not too bad I guess.. At least 2 kids of the same sex can be best buddies when they grow up. *self-consolation* hahaha


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