Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Babywearing: Bjorn Synergy

I did a review on Baby Bjorn Active carrier last week.
Just an update: I love babywearing so much that I bought another carrier!
Meet the Baby Bjorn Synergy in white mesh:

It's a successor of the Bjorn Active model, which is shown here:

The difference between the Active and Synergy is that Active is made of thick padded fabric material, which can get a little hot for both Mum and Baby in Singapore's humid weather.
The Synergy is made of breathable mesh material, and is therefore lighter weight and more airy compared to Active.

Both Active and Synergy have lumbar supports.

Advantages of baby-wearing:
- Hands-free and hassle-free outing with baby
- No more blocking of supermarket aisles as a stroller would
- Do not have to worry about folding / opening stroller, especially when you are out alone with baby.
- Keeps baby snuggled close to you.

For Mummies thinking of buying Baby Bjorn carriers but not sure which model to buy, it is recommended that you go to your nearest Mothercare to test out the different models.

Verdict: I'm using my Synergy daily and love it to bits. Gonna use it to death to justify the price tag!


  1. Hi veron..

    I got e synergy too.. It's truly a savior

    1. Hi ah chel, yes isn't it? As what my MIL says, I should've bought it long ago when I had my first baby .. HEHE.. saves us alot of trouble with the pram.

  2. Hi Veron, came across your blog when I was searching for "Bugaboo Bee Plus".. Interesting read! Anyway, I was just wondering what is the difference between Active and Synergy today when I was at mothercare and here I found the answer! Indeed Synergy is a savior as we conquered Europe 2 years ago with my elder boy. A quick browse through your blog made me realized we are in the same boat. My elder one was born in 2009 and I just gave birth to my baby boy in Aug this year. It's back to diaper changing and breast feeding cycles again..

    1. Hi MJ, thanks for reading my blog :)
      You already have top of the range Synergy, no need to ponder about Active. LOL..

      How did your baby survive the long haul flight?! *gasp*


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