Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Some stuff Adam has been up to.

We're back from Perth and all the laundry is just horrendous!
We stayed on a farm with no internet, no wifi, nothing! Adam enjoyed himself loads going on pony rides and bottle-feeding the baby lambs.
We even went whale-watching with the kids and spotted several hump-backs.

Will get to work on those photos. Soon. Promise.

By the way, here's what Adam has been doing at home with my "home-schooling" material.
Concept of time: Adam made a clock in school and I proudly pinned it up on his bedroom wall. He knows the concept of time, like Mornings are for going to school, Evenings are time with Mummy, Daddy & Ah-ma etc.
I point to him the number on the hour-hand and tell him now it is 9 O'Clock at night, time to read a book then go to bed.

Workbook time: he can draw lines to match objects / animals.

Problem solving skills: He can also do simple maze puzzles.

He's getting better at the Maze puzzles. I printed them free from Google Images so he can do them over and over.


  1. Vee loves mazes too! To save money, I plan to reuse all workbooks and worksheets (if possible) for younger children.

    To do this, slot the worksheet (you're working on) into a thick, smooth, transparent pocket sleeve. (The type commonly used to file loose documents.) Most bookshops should sell this in a pack of 10-20.

    Then work on it with a non-toxic dry erase marker pen. (E.g. from Crayola or Melissa & Doug)

    For a workbook, place a transparency on top and write with dry erase market pen.

    Tada... child can redo as many times as he likes. And younger siblings can use it too. Have fun!

    1. Heya MieVee! Thanks, you're brilliant :)
      I'm actually using those plastic sleeves for Adam's grid memory games (which I will blog about in another post), and now you've given me another good idea to use those sleeves!


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