Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Life with two.

Recently, an ex-school mate of mine who is expecting her second child SMSed me asking how's life with two kids.
My reply to her was, "It's crazy. I don't even have time to pluck my armpit hair".
It's true - I can't make this shit up.

I'm slightly irritated at this point of my life.
Having two kids under the age of four has totally thrown my life out of whack.
Every night, I dread having to put both kids to sleep.

You see, Adam is rowdy and keeps the baby awake. Yet, he cannot sleep without me because I'm the only person in his whole wide world who can put him to bed.
The baby cannot stop sucking on my boobs. Left breast, dozes off. Put baby down in crib. Starts fidgeting. Escalates to crying. Right breast. Baby dozes off. Put him back into crib.
Meanwhile, I tell Adam to go back to his room and sleep, only about 700 times. But we all know it too well - he walks in and out of my room about 750 times. And because of this, the noise is keeping the baby awake.

Who exchanged the Adam who could sleep through the night alone with this needy kid??

When the baby finally sleeps, I drag Adam back to his room & we fall asleep together on his bed because I am too bloody mother-fucking exhausted.
The next time I wake up is about 3-4hours later, to the cries of the baby in crib in my room. I also have my contact lens/ glasses and hair band still on because I was too bloody mother-fucking exhausted to remove them. Night after night after night.
If there's one thing motherhood has made me do, it's swearing. I find myself swearing a lot after children entered my life.
I hardly sleep anymore, fuckit, but life still goes on. My bladder is full, goddammit, but the baby can't break away from my boobs. I smell of stale cheese and have spit-ups on my T-shirt, the same one I wore since yesterday. Shit.
What did I swear about in the past anyway? A broken nail?

Another 3-4 hours later I wake up again for another feeding, and then it's almost daybreak and soon I have to wake Adam up for school, and get on with my day's activities functioning on so little sleep.
By mid-day, my hair is in such a mess that my keys could get lost in them.

I now have two needy children despite the fact that I have a husband, a mother-in-law and a helper.
Weekends are no better. The entire household is hyped up about not having to school/ work and everyone but me seems to be happy with lesser sleep.
Never in my life did I imagine myself to pray for Mondays. Once Adam is out the door on his way to school, I do cartwheels.
I am grouchy and disheveled.
I wish this is only a passing phase and I can get my own life back. Soon.

By the way, here are my two slightly irritating children:

Opa Gangnam style at 9:30pm on a Tuesday night.
Yes, it's a school night and I let my child dance on the table-top.
Minus 300 parenting points.
Buddha baby with double chin.
A romper which says "I want Mummy's boobs" would be more apt.

Goodness, I do love my children. I'm just saying, being a mother is such a tough job!


  1. Totally understand how u feel as facing e same problem as u.. Both boys for me age 3 & goin 3 mths old.. Everyday hse is like having world war 3 filled with my high pitched anger voice.. Nite time is like madness have to keep shifting in between 2 sons's needs.. I decide to give myself some sanity so break free from bf & e endless comfort suck.. Give in to sarong & pacificer.. Really feel fml sometimes..

    1. hahaha FML are the words! Same same... I also very tempted to give up BFding so that I can delegate the task of feeding to my Hubby or maid.
      Glad I'm nt the only one who feels my life is insane.

      Do you have helper? Are u a stay-home mom??

  2. Babe... how come you forever don't look like you have given birth one har??? *envy*

    1. Where got?!! I still have 5kgs from the pregnancy, obviously gone to my tummy and flabby arms!

  3. I m not a stay at home mum.. Thk god!! Starting work next month when maternity leave end.. Helper is my mum but my boy is juz like urs die die wan me do everything.. I wonder how can those stay at home mummies endure all this.. Super madness.. Haha.. Or maybe is juz my kids?! Both r attention seeker cannot lose out 2 each other.. Haha..

    1. you are so funny! I think it's same for me as well. My 3yr old doesn't want anyone to help him go potty/ put on shoes/ bathe/ feed etc. His CC teacher says he's very independent in school, can do all of the above things himself, but once at home he turns into this needy, clingy kid.

      And how do you stop the comfort feeding at night??
      I tried for 2 nights now, to wean my baby off comfort sucking by giving him the bottle but he just cries the house down.

      Need your advise here! :)

  4. Mine is juz trial & error.. Haha.. In order to not let him rely so much on my boobs I bottle feed him at 1.5mth.. Whenever he wan i use small feeds to statifsy his comfort suck or carry , pat , sing & talk 2 him.. Well, manage 2 cheat for couple of few times.. Boobs will b e last resort.. As time goes i discovered during e comfort feed he is not taking in my bm he juz nibble & fall asleep.. Maybe cos my flow was rather slow.. So whenever he fall asleep i'll take my boobs out to cut short e comfort feed duration.. But of cos at 1st it was not easy, my boobs is in out in out milion times.. But gradually he get used to it & bingo!!! Same whenever he want I'll use the methods above if cannot then a quick comfort feed.. As time goes he's off it but dun know will work for ur baby or not.. Juz keep on trying & exploring.. Immediate is impossible so have to b slow & easy..:) but in e end I give pacificer as he get too cranky whenever he's outside(shopping 3 hrs on my boobs for 1.5hrs!!!) & I can't stand staying at home for 7 days a week.. Haha.. Bad mummy.. All e best to u!!!!!

    1. One of the inconveniences of BFding is that the baby is stuck to you and you cannot just go out on short notice because always need to plan timings of BFding etc etc. and also, Singapore not many places are BFding-friendly!

      Thanks babe! :) Im gonna try your above methods.. I hope I can do it by 2 weeks because I'm bringing my 3yr old to Perth!! Going w/o the baby. Aiyo stress...

  5. Hope it works for ur baby.. :) Counting down to ur weaning success & holiday.. :)

  6. Thanks babe! :)
    And wish you all the best in finally returning to work. Not easy juggling full-time work, family & 2 babies :)

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