Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Perth October 2012: Farmstay

We stayed at Sunflowers Farm for this entire trip. There was no wifi, no internet.
It was a great place to rest your tired mind and be away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Thw owner of the farm, Debbie, was a great host. Thumbs up for the hospitality and being so accomodating to us.

Lily and Chilli are the resident Border Collies on the farm. Adam got chummy with them until....

Chilli decided to jump on him and plant him a kiss! Scared the crap out of Adam. Hah!

Despite not travelling for close to a year, Adam is still very well-behaved on the flight. He either slept or watched the in-flight cartoons and I am most proud of him.

From this trip, I learned a lot more about my son. I now know that he is fearless and lives his life to the max. Whether it is going on a pony ride solo for the first time, or feeding horses and alpacas taller than him, or going on a boat whale-watching, this boy is just a little dynamite of energy.

To Adam, nothing is done in half measures.

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