Monday, October 15, 2012

Leapfrog Tag reading system

I chanced upon Leapfrog reading system when I was browsing toys with Adam at Kiddy Palace.
Not sure why I didn't even come across this sort of gadget before, I went home to do some research before deciding to buy Adam a set.
During the 90s, I grew up with sets of encyclopedias which my parents spent a fortune on.
Now, reading systems come in an array of colorful picture books and electronic "magic" pens which read word-by-word out loud to teach Phonics, Vocabulary, Math and Science!
$59.90 for the Tag reader pen only. Comes in Green or Purple.
I chose Purple because the color looks nicer. I'm superficial like that!

Left of the picture shows the Green pen, together with some books.
Each hard cover book costs $18.00.

There are so manny books to choose from - these boxes are Book Sets which cost $32 per set of 6 or 7 books.

I chose these 2 books for a start.

At home and finished downloading the Leapfrog App.


Pros of Leapfrog Tag reading system:
- Works like magic, reading word by word or by the entire page. Some book series even read each individual letter.
- Available also in Games, puzzles and stories.
- The book apps can be downloaded into the Tag pen by plugging into a PC with Internet connection and the provided cable.
- Unlike the Vtech Bugsby reading system which loads catridges for every book, no worry about catridge getting misplaced.
- Many books to choose from.
- Tag can be used to read Tag Junior books but not vice versa.
- You can track your child's progress by logging on to the Leapfrog App on your PC.
- Suitable for 4-8 years old

- The tip of the pen is quite small and sharp so for younger or destructive children, the pen tip may get destroyed easily.
- Needs 2 AAA batteries, which I personally think is a hassle to keep on buying and replacing.
- Limited memory space. Can only download max 5 books. As you add on to your child's book collection, you need to delete the previously downloaded books from your pen.
- For those parents / Grandparents who are not tech-savvy, downloading the App and the books to the pen may be a problem.

More selection of books:

Hope you find this review useful if you're intending to purchase a reading system for your child!


  1. Hi, so glad to come across your blog.

    I recently purchase the Tag Reader and Learn to Read Book Series from Kiddy Palace.

    Downloaded the audio books and all seem to work except I can't get the pen to read the whole story aloud when I press the audio button.

    Any idea is the story telling function doesn't work with the Learnt to Read series of books or something's wrong with my pen?

    I have tried contacting the local distributor and event the US technical support but have not received any response at all.

    Hope to hear from you.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi dear, thanks for dropping by!

      My Leapfrog Tag reading system also cannot read out the entire story on its own, I have to go over word by word.
      I thought it's considered norm? No ah?

      Where did u buy yours from?
      If u r very bothered by it maybe you can bring it back and ask the store for a demo on another set.

      Hope you have it sorted out :)
      Mumzilla V.


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