Saturday, October 20, 2012

Changi Fire Station open house

Adam is crazy about fire-fighters and fire engines. He has books about fire-fighters which he reads over and over and plays pretend all the time.
As his crazy mother, I thought it would be so kick-ass to actually bring him to a real fire station!
As luck would have it, I did a google search online and found out that every Saturday is SCDF Open house (except for Jurong Island station).

So today, I woke up bright and early and dragged my sleep-deprived (lazy) husband out of bed to go with us to the Fire station nearest our home - Changi Fire Station.
We were there with another family but the tour of the station was conducted by individual staff per group.
Why his poses all like that?!

Riding on the Rhino

Fireman Adam is driving a REAL fire engine! *Huge grin*

Bear Hug pose

Singapore pose

New recruit!

Adam is into making silly faces for photos, it's driving me nuts.

Every kid gets a free Fire-fighter hat and uniform. Total kick-ass!

Thank you SCDF for the friendly and hands-on educational tour! We were attended to by Staff Sulaiman who very patiently explained the functions of every vehicle and equipment to us.
It made a little boy's dreams come true :)

For parents with boys like myself, you can now add Fire Station tour as one of your weekend activities.
Educational tours are conducted every Saturday, 9:00am - 11:00am, at all fire stations in Singapore except Jurong Island.
Admission is FREE but bring along your IC to register at the entrance in exchange for a Visitor pass.

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