Monday, October 1, 2012

Saturday: My scariest day yet.

On Saturday, just a day before Ashton's Full month shower, he was admitted to the hospital.
He had a fever, and we had initially wanted to bring him to a PD near our place, but because the wait was too long, I suggested that we brought him to KKH A&E since I'm a staff and thought that could speed things up.

However when we got there, though we were attended to immediately, we were also advised to admit him for observation. I thought we would be sent home with just Panadol and an order to monitor his temperature. I didn't expect for my baby to be hospitalised! I swear I nearly shit in my pants!

Ashton in Ward 56, KKH.

When we reached the ward, the doctors and nurses came to check on Ashton, and later on we were told that because he was only 5 weeks old, they would do "symptomatic treatment", which is to do tepid sponging and monitor his temperature and not do anything invasive unless absolutely necessary.
Every hour, the nurses came to check his temperature. His highest was 38.3deg.
He wasn't even on any medication at all.

Our entire Saturday was burnt, shuttling to and from home, getting his stuff, taking turns to look after Adam, etc etc.
By evening, I still hadn't had lunch, was too worried to rest, and thought I was going to pass out.
Thankfully I did not.
When Aunt LY came to visit at about 6.30pm, I decided I had enough of the hospital and demanded that we be discharged there and then!
The nurses and doctor came to talk to me but I was determined to get my baby out. "I'm a staff nurse and I can do the monitoring at home" I barked. I was a crazy Mummy like that!
In the end, after another few hours of monitoring and Ashton had 2 subequent afebrile readings, the doctors relented and let us go home, but not without first signing the "Discharge against hospital advise" indemnity forms.

My baby's party is tomorrow! I had to get him home by hook or by crook!
It was melodramatic but we eventually got him discharged and we finally reached home at 11pm.
I monitored his temperature every hour and I did tepid sponging just in case his temperature rised agin. Thank God the highest was 38.3deg at the hospital and thereafter it was just afebrile.

P.S. I never had to deal with sickness with Adam up till he was about a year old therefore this experience is new to me.

P.P.S. Subsequent children are more susceptable to illness especially when older children are sick because they can pass on from drool/ touching things/ sneezing and coughing without covering their orifices. I shall always keep this in mind.

Anyway this boils down as the scariest day of my life. I certainly hope it stays that way.

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