Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bye Singapore, see you in Perth!

Andy & I are bringing Adam to Perth. He has been to Melbourne already and we thought it would be fun doing farm-stays and road-trips along Margaret River with the kids (we are going with Paul, A and Morgan).

Things to pack for me:
- Jeans x 2
- Cardigan
- Tops x few
- Scarves x 2
- Toiletries

Things to pack for Adam:
- T-shirts
- Backup T-shirts in case of throw-ups / spillage / dung from farm-stay
- Long sleeve shirts
- Jackets
- Bermudas
- Jeans
- Backup jackets in case of throw-ups / spillage / dirt
- Night diapers
- Diapers, in case he wants to pee when we are on the plane / in the middle of the ocean whale-watching
- Milk powder
- Bottles (this is embarrassing but he won't wean from the bottle)
- Socks
- Leggings
- Pyjamas
- Extra shoes, in case they get stolen by kangeroos or eaten by whales.

Clearly, my son needs 200% more luggage space than me.
I'm having mixed feelings about this trip. Actually, I can't bear to leave my Ashton behind but if we bring him, it will be too much work.
That's why I have concluded that our next vacation will be when both kids are big, which by then I will be almost 100 years old and they won't want me vacationing with them.
That's the whole point.

Ok. Hope you have a great long weekend and see you in Perth!


  1. Manage 2 wean off the comfort feed? Congrats!! Enjoy!!!

    1. hi Ah Chel,
      not really! But I figured if it's my MIL or helper feeding him eventually he will give up and take the bottle. HAHA

      Thanks! Catch you when I'm back. You should be back to work by then? :)


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