Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Random Wednesday

After dinner, Andy & I went to T3 to collect our free pair of Swatch watches and to do some paktor.
We got the free watches because "you are one of the selected customers who spent more than $1200 on your credit card bill in a month and we would like to thank you for your support"
Muahahaha! Geez I dont even know we spent that much! And the thing is, we dont even see the $$, or where it went, for the matter.
For eg, in the past when I had my bag fetish, I could still see my $$ hanging in my closet. Now, dont even ask me. They must've been spent on the baby :)

When we arrived at the T3 carpark, we witnessed this accident involving 2 cars and 1 lady driver.
We quickly parked and got off to offer her help. She must've been really scared and grateful, because she was in tears and couldnt stop thanking us.
We didnt do much really. I being a busybody, went to help her take photos and bluetoothed to her so she can claim insurance. After that we took down the other vehicle's number and went to the information counter for them to announce for the car owner to come down and settle the incident.

After giving our help, we went on our ways to collect our watches and do a bit of window-shopping.
Something as simple as walking down the supermarket aisles is also very sweet if you are with your loved one :)
Best of all, you dont have to spend a single cent in order to be happy with the man you love.

Inevitably, we went to look at baby food - so many different types of jarred food, organic cereals, organic garden fruit juice, organic wheatstix, wow babies today sure are spoilt for choice.
I suddenly had a mental image of Toddler Adam looking at me eating my fav sinful, calorie-ladden Nutella and say "Mom, you're so shoddy!" Hahahah although Im pretty sure that likely wont happen.

Im so hopeless. I admit defeat. Everywhere we go we just think of him and anything, everything BABY! Even at the supermarket. Even at T3 when it's supposed to be our couple-time.
Even our families are guilty of that, indulging him in toys and what-nots.
Baby Adam has us wrapped all round his tiny fingers!

But one thing is definite - we cant love our boy enough.

Our parenting style for Baby Adam:
Andy & I never hesitate to cuddle him, kiss him and tell him we love him, even though he is happy on his own and not fussing. During afternoons when he is more wakeful than usual, I will carry him around the house to let him be involved in whatever Im doing (albeit with only one hand!), and I also play his Nursery Rhymes CDs and dance with him.
What's the point of showering your attention on your child only when he is misbehaving, yet he doesnt get any while he is being good? That's exactly why children became "naughty".

And regarding the rule that says "Let your baby cry for 10min before picking him up otherwise you will spoil him". Well, to us it's utter rubbish. We have never ever done that to Baby Adam because it will only mean to a poor helpless baby that he needs to scream at the top of his lungs before anyone will notice him, and we cant bear to do that.

Not to a baby so precious!

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