Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mummy please dont go!

The past few days have been really heartbreaking.
We've been giving Adam lots of "prep talk" about me having to go back to work soon, and he hasnt taken to it very well. In fact, horribly!

He would wail on top of his lungs, bawl his eyes out till the vein on his right eyelid pops out.
Then he would refuse milk, and keep demanding for me to carry him and never want to be put down. The moment I carry him near his hammock or crib or start lowering him onto our bed, he will cry again.

So the whole day, I would be carrying him until he is exhausted from all that crying, then he will sleep for awhile, but only that short while. When he wakes up again, the whole cycle would start.

At first, we thought it was just pure coincidence, and how could babies understand?
But it happened 3 times on 3 different days and occasions so we dont want to take any chances.
Another incident which proves that babies understand what you're telling them is - My brother's gf Lipeng was carrying Adam when we went home over the weekend so everyone said "Oh, Kaikai go and stay with Aunty Lipeng in Jurong West for 1 mth" and Adam immediately started crying.

As a result, we've been really careful not to mention the words "Mummy" and "work" in the same sentence in case it set Adam off again.
Meanwhile, I've been really unrested trying to cajole my clingy on-a-hunger-strike baby!
It's also worth mentioning that my Adam isnt a crybaby to begin with, unlike some babies who cry for nothing/ colicky etc. He's mostly happy and smiley as you can see in his photos he is almost always smiling.
Therefore, when he cries so hard and so bad, you know he is really upset and that is heart-wrenching to us (Andy, his mum & I).
But I do have some happy news. That silver lining in the cloud. More about that in another post when I have time!
*scoots off to cajole Adam*

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