Sunday, September 27, 2009

Little family outing

I love weekends, it's the time when Daddy doesnt have to work so we can bring Baby A out.

I'm glad he enjoys his new car seat. But then again, there's nothing not to like!

We brought Baby A to Kiddy Palace to shop for his stuff, then to the nearby eatery for a meal. The entire level of the shopping mall was filled with parents and kids.
Andy & I grin like every proud parent whenever some stranger stops to touch our baby or smiles at us when passing by :D
Funny how I'm a completely transformed person now, when I used to think that kids were a nuisance! These days, Andy & I are always looking at other couples with kids and giving each other a knowing smile and exchanging ideas on parenting style, what stuff they are using which we might find useful, etc.

Baby A with Popo in matching polos:

Dressed in Carters top which Popo bought for Baby A: he is wearing 18-24M sizing now and there are no more "another size bigger" rompers for my wriggly baby *sob*. I dont really like putting him in seperates these days because the top always rides up whenever he is bouncing on our laps or wriggling to grab something.
Really miss his babyness..

In the evening it was dinner at Boon Tong Kee.

Towkay Adam at dinner with the old people (haha), entertaining himself

There is better use for the safety bar of the stroller: to rest his legs!

The waitress, waiters and soon-to-be parents at the table next to us were amused by all his blabbering and cheekiness!

We're super glad that Baby A is a sociable and outgoing bubs, and he has become so inquisitive of his surroundings, eager to find out everything about our huge, huge world.
So huge, yet so small. Perhaps huge and small are one, and all?

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