Saturday, September 26, 2009


Was supposed to bring Baby A to Ikea with us to do some shopping for our new home but just as Andy drove home to pick us up, Baby A decided it's time for a nap - in the evening.
One thing with kids, you cultivate a wry sense of humour because kids always choose the most inconvenient times to come up with something!

When he finally woke up, it was 9pm. Time for bedtime milk milk then off to bed he goes. By the time we tucked him into bed, it was already 10pm.
Thank goodness for the wonders of staying in the East - you get late night shopping and 24hour food :)

Baby A: all dressed up with nowhere to go.

We tucked our little one into bed and headed to Ikea for a quick walk-around.
We're a social couple and this lounge chair set looks casual enough for our spacious balcony when we have friends over whaddya think? :)
Too plain? Wood corrodes and a metal framed one with glass table is better? So many possibilities!

Furniture shopping with Hubby is fun! We love exchanging ideas on how to do up the deco, and it makes me happy whenever we see something we can both agree on.

Luckily for us, the kitchen department has been kindly taken care of by none other than my Mother dearest. She has already bought us a whole lot of kitchen ware that one can possibly imagine - pots, pans, slowcooker, etc which are all stacked up in her storeroom.

Im really eyeing my Dad's tube amp on which Baby A listens to Nursery Ryhmes in the comfort of his Fisher Price swing Heh heh..

Okays going to sleep now. More of home-shopping to come ^_^

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