Sunday, September 27, 2009

First food

4 Months is getting pretty exciting. Baby A is starting to drool whenever we eat, and attempts to reach out for everything within view to put into his mouth.
He has become so much more vocal, adding more vowels, chuckles and sounds into his vocab.
As you can imagine, we've been kept on our toes here!

We've also started him on his first semi-solids.. Isnt it exciting!

Mummy has been doing alot of reading up and preparation. This book has lots of Asian recipes and sample meal planners to help first-time parents.

Organic iron-enriched cereal.

Form & function: Carter's bibs. Terry clothed on the top and waterproof backed.

Opening his mouth wide wide and having his first taste of food!

"Ahh..mmmm"! He really loves his cereal. He polished the whole bowl with ease and could even finish his milk. WOW!

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