Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I'm back from the land of cheap spicy food and wholesale shopping!
I miss my baby sooo much. In fact, too much! We called home everyday to check on him and make sure he was Ok and happy.

I've been super busy since I am back, with my exploding mailbox full of emails from fellow Mummies regarding bulk purchases, sprees, recommendations and what-nots.

To Lea:
Yes the Rocker cum high-chair is a worthy investment especially when your baby has reached the age where she is super kpo about her surroundings, so she can sit up high high with the adults at the dining table. The swivel wheels are godsend because it allows you to wheel the high chair everywhere! Short of having handles for you to push like a stroller lah Hehehe

To CJ:
Thanks sweets for the offer but I just bought 2 bottles from Stonston from her recent order.
Thanks for replying though. Maybe next time! :)

Back to the real world of changing nasty nappies and being Baby Kai's personal assistant :)
Which reminds me, we are going to buy his new car seat tomorrow.
He has outgrown his infant one that my brother bought for him, and for those who are interested in which model we are upgrading to, it's the Maxi Cosi Priori XP
Thanks to Chris aka Nat-mummy's recommendation!

(photos courtesy of Toysrus)

- Forward facing
- Can be installed using 3-point seatbelt
- Adjustable 4 sitting/sleeping positions
- Newer improved model from the Priori.

Some people asked what I do with Baby Kai. Well, lotsss! I dont know where to begin.
He is one busy baby keke. These are some of the activities he does at home under my supervision:
- Flashcards
- Tummy time
- Sitting in rocker playing with his rattles/ teething hanky/ teething toy
- Playing in crib: FP kick piano, musical mobile
- Nursery rhymes time where Mummy launches into crazy dancing according to lyrics and ear-piercing singing.

Andy & I are thinking of signing him up for Baby Yoga too! Just some bonding time for us parents and our dear son. Will do a review of it once we find the time to bring him :)
By the way, Baby Kai just turned 4 Months old last week. Happy one-month-older, my dearest baby! Thank you for bringing so much joy into our otherwise mundane lives. Daddy & Mummy love you so much.

Bye lovelies!

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