Friday, September 4, 2009


Yesterday it was the Lunar Ghost Festival's 15th day and we had to go to Andy's Grandma's house in the morning with Baby Kai to pray.
I woke up earlier than usual, had to bathe Kai, prepare his diaper bag, get myself bathed and changed.
As any parent can expect, such times are really a mad rush lor.
If you need a breakdown, here it is:
Gotta prepare baby's bath equipment, fill water, fill right amount of hot water to make water lukewarm, prepare a glass of cool boiled water, dampen cotton balls to wipe baby's face and clean his mouth, wash baby's hair, wash baby's body, dry baby, dress him, clear all the equipment.
Then after that, gotta pack his diaper bag.
Have to bathe and get myself ready.

Andy was still sleeping at that time.
When he woke up, he threw his temper at me for leaving my worn T-shirt on the bed and also not throwing away my half-drank Yakult and packet drink. "Cant you just finish the drink and throw it away? And why do you have to leave your clothes lying around? Can you be more tidy?"
I was SO ANGRY man!
We exchanged heated words because of this. He thinks SAHM very free ah? Got time to sit down sip drinks and put everything in place?!
I didnt even scold him for not helping out yet he can still turn the tables on me and scold me for being untidy?! WTH..

At that moment poor Kai was crying because we fought, and I just walked off.
Since he thinks Im so free and all... so I sat myself down at the kitchen to finish my drink and left Andy alone to carry and pacify Kai.

Seriosuly, what do these men think?!
I was already up to my neck caring for a baby, 2 dogs and myself. So what if a T-shirt is out of place?! So what if I didnt throw the drinks away? Has it occured to him that I dont have the TIME to finish my drink?

anyway we left for his Grandma's house and let this matter rest.
In the evening back at home:
At about 5.30pm, Andy's mum needed to go to Grandma's house again to collect something. Before she left, she told me she wont be locking the door because Andy's Dad will be back any minute.
So OK, I went inside my room with Baby Kai and closed the room door because I need to pump my breasts..
When FIL came back, he was damn angry that the door wasnt locked and nobody was in the living room.
When I came out of my room with the EBM, I greeted him.. He replied by scolding me "Why you never lock the door?"
I explained that "Mum said dont need to lock cos you are coming back" and I just walked away, feeling damn PISSED OFF and FED UP!

Andy's Dad is those MCP kind who expects MIL to unlock door for him when he is home.
Sometimes when the door is locked he will comment "why need to lock?" meaning that he is coming back why lock the door.
Then now, she didnt lock the door, he also angry. And worse, he took his anger out on ME!
What I cant stand is he has hands right?! Cant he just bloody hell use his keys to open the damn door so MIL wont have to leave it unlocked and all this wont have happened.
And he really should be directing the "Why you never lock the door" to MIL and not at me!

When Andy came home I couldnt take it anymore had a BIG fight with him.
In our room I shouted "Cant expect me to sit in the living room with red carpet just to wait for him to come back and open door for him right?! I dont have to do my things? Dont have to EBM, dont have to look after baby ?!"
"Everyone thinks Im at home everyday shaking legs and not doing anything is it?? That's why you expect everything to be in order and neat & tidy?? One Tshirt cannot be out of place.. drinks must immediately finish and throw away? Then you jolly well go hire a God damn maid!"

I was so loud and dont even care whether his parents heard me.. better still if they did. Cant be bothered anymore. People always think Im a SAHM so I must be a tai tai living the high life.
I also want to sit down shake legs, slap on a mask, paint my nails and read Cosmopolitan while waiting for Hubby to come home from work everyday leh. Then everyday paint a different nail color to match different outfits. Who doesnt?!

So fedup with these stupid men.

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  1. Cool girl. Every couple have their quarrel, every family have their squabble.

    Dont let it bother u too much, dont let the r/s turn sour.


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