Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The many HAPPY faces of Adam Tan Tian Kai

This is my HAPPY bubbly Bubs when he wakes up in the mornings. He has so much zest for life and is always so happy to greet the start of a new day that it puts us lazy adults to shame Hahaha

"Good morning folks!" (see how he has deviated from his pillow Hahaha)

Water baby getting ready for his morning "swims"

After his swim in the tub, here he is going for walkies with the doggies in his new uber cool stroller :D
'cept in the photos, the dogs are nowhere to be seen because they cant wait for slowpoke Mummy to be done taking photos and have ran off on their adventures Haha

Combi Miracle Turn is really a dream to handle... I cant love it enough!
The parent-facing is brilliant, because babies feel more secure being able to see their parents.
See how much Adam is enjoying his walkies? Hehehehe

Everyday I thank God Almighty for blessing us with a healthy, cherubic baby.
Baby Adam is so happy. Happy with life, happy with the littlest things.
This teaches us - his parents - to appreciate the small things in life.
And oh, dont forget to slow down and smell the roses!

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